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Crown and Bridgework

So many incidents can lead to tooth loss… accident, injury, disease… all can leave your smile broken and incomplete. Thankfully, we have the tools and training to salvage even the most damaged smile. For patients missing a tooth or teeth, Dr. Lawton can fill in those gaps and spaces with expert crown and bridgework. Missing teeth should always be replaced as soon as possible to avoid further damage, such as shifting and bone loss.

What is a Crown and Bridge?

A bridge is a false tooth (or teeth) secured to one or more neighboring teeth and then capped with a dental crown or crowns. A fixed bridge includes three elements: the prosthetic tooth or teeth and two supporting crowned teeth. If none of the adjacent teeth are healthy enough to reinforce the bridge, a titanium anchor, known as a dental implant, may be used to support the bridge.

A crown and bridge:

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